What to consider before procuring a bike

Thinking of getting a cargo bike for your business?

Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Are you looking to replace a car or van?
  • What is your budget and your potential savings switching from a car or van? Have you included the cost of accessories?
  • Do you have an alternate mode of transport when riding a cargo isn’t advisable, e.g., on icy roads?
  • Does your cargo need to stay at a certain temperature?
  • Where will you store the bike?
  • What’s your potential bike route like?
  • Do you want to transport the bike, e.g., between branches?
  • Do you want electric assist on your bike?
  • Who’s going to operate the bike?
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Leasing vs owning

A quality cargo bike – in terms of strength, performance and safety – can cost anywhere from £1,100 to upwards of £6,500. Various cargo bike retailers offer options such as financing or leasing, if buying outright does not suit your needs. Another option would be to purchase second-hand cargo bikes.


Operation (in house / external)

Will you employ dedicated riders or even operate the cargo bike yourself, or will you hire a cargo bike rider as needed? Will your riders require training?


Terrain / weather

You may want to speak with your salesperson about tailoring your bike for rougher pathways or potholes, e.g., adding suspension. Likewise you may want weather protection for the rider or cargo.


Transporting bikes

You may need to transport your cargo bike between locations that are too far to ride, or in an emergency. Will you have access to vehicle to load the cargo bike or hitch it to?



Current regulations do not require a license, vehicle registration, or safety helmet (although we do advise the latter!). Your cargo bike should not exceed a maximum speed of 25kmph (or 15 miles per hour)



Depending on their size and weight, think about where you’ll store your bike. Conversely, your storage space may dictate the type of cargo bike you should choose.



What sort of locks will you need for your cargo bike while you’re mobile, and once you’re done for the day?



As a business owner, you’ll want to ensure that your cargo bike and rider are insured against theft, damage, personal injury, public liability, etc. Look into insurance specifically for cargo bikes.

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